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Hello everyone 🙂

At the beginning of February I received an amazing parcel from GK Natural Creations.

It took me a while for this post because I wanted to test all products before posting a review.

As you can see in the pictures I had a lot of products to test.

The design of the products is so cute. All soaps and bath bombs are coming in little boxes. I have to say that you can smell the lovely scent of all the items even through the boxes.

This time I also received some skin, nail and lip care products which I really enjoy because I do not have a lot of them.

Let’s start with the natural handmade love spell soap. This soap makes your skin feel very soft. It smells not to intensive it just has a very nice light smell.
Also this sea salt soap makes your skin very soft and I love the scent. It is heart shaped and looks super cute, a bit like a white cupcake.

If you want an intensive smell the orange bath truffle is what you are looking for. The fragrance is just so fruity and nice. I really love this bath truffle.

The whipped body butter makes your skin super shiny and soft. Do not use too much because it will melt on your skin and you will be very oily. As you can see in the picture it is super cool for people with tattoos because it makes your tattoos more colourful and shiny. The smell is also very nice.
You want soft lips? I can recommend you their lip balm. You will have very soft lips and it will also last very long. The scent is quite neutral.

For my nails I used their nail oil. It feels like my nails are growing better now and they feel just so healthy and also they are more white. Do not use too much.


All their products are handmade and free of all the nasty ingredients. I can totally recommend you GK Natural Creations.

Thank you so much GK Natural Creations.

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