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Q: How old were you when you got your first tattoo? And how old are you now?

A: I got my first tattoo 6 months after my 18th birthday. I am now 22.


Q: Which one is your favorite tattoo?

A: I don’t have a favorite tattoo but I really love my whale.


Q: Did you had a concept for your legs right from the beginning or did the art just grew over the time?

A: No I didn’t had a concept for my legs.


Q: Did the knee hurt a lot?

A: No, it hurt the least together with my lip and feet tattoo.


Q: Do you have plans to get other parts of your body tattooed except your legs?

A: I already have other parts of my body tattooed. You just don’t see them because I don’t run around naked and show everyone.


Q: Where the majority by the same artist?

A: Yes.


Q: What do they mean?

A: The meaning is: ‚There is no meaning. I just like them‘. There are only a few tattoos on my body which have a meaning but most of them don’t.


Q: What was first reaction of your mom when she saw your first tattoo?

A: My mother hates tattoos. And she wanted me to stop after she saw my first tattoo.


Q: How long did it take you to fill both of your legs?

A: Approximately 3 years.


Q: Why did you tattoo just your legs? Why not tattoo the rest of your body.

A: Nobody said that I only have tattoos on my legs 😉


Q: Which tattoo hurt the most? 

A: Definitely the back of my knees.


Q: How was the pain on the inside of your thighs?

A: It hurt like every other tattoo. I would give the inside of my thighs a 8 out of 10 on the pain scale.


Q: What was your first tattoo?

A:  It was a writing on my ribs.


Q: Do you take care of your tattoos in a special way to keep them so bright and beautiful?

A: I will do a seperate post on this questions 🙂


Q: What inspired you to get a tattoo of a „nutcracker“ toy soldier?

A: It was around christmas time and I really like nutcrackers so I decided to get a nutcracker tattoo. I also haven’t seen anybody else with a nutcracker tattoo which is pretty cool.


Q: What started you to want to get your entire legs done?

A: I just think it looks stupid if you have such a large area with only a few tattoos.


Q: Did getting tattooed on your shin hurt a lot since the skin is so close to the bone?

A: No, it was not as bad as many people think. My experience is that it hurts less when there is a bone directly under my skin. But that’s only my personal opinion.


Q: How did you choose all the artwork 😮

A: I don’t know. There are many animals and things I like. I tell my ideas to my tattoo artist with maybe some details I want and he transfers it into art.


Q: How is it with the dermatologist do they even look at your moles by choice? Isn’t it super hard to find moles under or between your tattoos? 

A: Yes it is hard to find moles on my legs but I don’t have many. And every mole I have isn’t tattooed.


Q: How much did both of your legs cost.

A: I won’t answer this question. Sorry. Some people spend their money on alcohol and cigarettes and I spend my money on tattoos 😉


Q: How high on your legs do the tattoos go?

A: They go up to my hips.


Q: Did you get them all on once or with time gaps in between?

A: With time gaps in between.


Q: Which tattoo is the most important to you and why?

A: I would say my key because I got this tattoo together with a beloved person.


Q: What place of your body would you never put a tattoo?

A: My chest and my arms.


Q: Do your legs need to be touched up from time to time?

A: They already got touched up and I will touch them up again if they need to.


Q: Which tattoo do you don’t like as much as your others? 

A: My rib tattoo and the one side of my feet.


Q: What inspires you to get this lovely compilation of tattos on your legs? Did these stem from an idea or something you’ve always wanted to?

A: No I never wanted so many tattoos 😀 It just came from time to time.


Q: Do you think you will regret your tattoos?

A: No I don’t think so because I can always cover them with clothes. To be honest it was the best idea ever to get so many tattoos. I finally feel good in my skin.


Q: Which one is your newest tattoo?

A: Probably all my small gap fillers.


Q: Would you do every tattoo exactly the same if you had the chance again?

A: No I would get my rib tattoo and my right foot tattoo different.


Q: How long do you think about a tattoo before you get it?

A:  For a small gap filler not very long. For a bigger piece I need a bit of time for the right placement and such things.


Q: Did you get one of your tattoos spontaneous?

A: Yes, my key.


Q: Which reactions do you get from your friends, family, colleagues and so on?

A: My family don’t like tattoos but they think that my tatoos are good work. My friends like my tattoos but most of them won’t get tattoos on their own skin. And my colleagues I don’t know about. I think some like them and some don’t.




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  1. Hi Coldfront! For a long time I’ve been trying to find someone with the same leg tattoo ideas that I have and then I came across a picture of you last year on Tumblr. Therefore, it’s safe to say your leg tatttoos are my favorite set of tattoos that I’ve seen. I was wondering what kind of style are your tattoos or at least what kind of style would you have to ask for when consulting your artist? Thank you!

    1. Post

      Hello 🙂

      Thanks for your question and the compliment.
      The style of my legs is called „traditional tattoo style“ 🙂

    1. Post

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