My Braids.

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Hello guys.

Today I want to talk about my braids.

I got these at the beginning of August. I was super excited because this was my first time getting braids. I found a lovely lady who came to my flat to get me some braids. It took her approx. 9 hours which is a long time. We also took three little breaks to eat some food. How long it takes depends on a few things:
1. Who is braiding your hair. Some people are fast and some are slow. It usually  takes approx.  4-12 hours.
2. Of course, diameter is a factor. Large braids take less time than small braids.
3. The length.
4. How much hair you have. If it’s thick and/or long it takes more time that if it is short/thin.

It didn’t hurt at all and we had many things to talk about.


The braids were made with synthetic hair extensions because this lasts longer than human hair. We used as far as I can remeber 4 and half packages of the fake hair. The braids are very heavy so don’t use too much hair because otherwise you might get headache. The ends were sealed with hot water.

Unfortunately I couldn’t wore my braids very long because all of my real hair came out 🙁 I really liked having braids and I got soooo many compliments for my hair. My  favourite  hair style was a high ponytail because I could hide all my real hair 😀 The first nights were better than I expected and it didn’t hurt. I covered my braids with a silk scarf to prevent my braids from getting frizzy.


After the first days it started itching. It was so horrible but I knew that it will itch because everyone told me before. It is totally normal especially when you got braids for the first time. Your head needs to get used to the additional weight. I used birch-water hair lotion against it. Unfortunately it just stopped itching for a few hours. The itching got better just before I had to open them…

It was amazing that you can just wake up and your hair is already done. You will also get used to the weight of your new hair. Don’t wash your hair too often because it takes a long time to dry and your braids will get more loose. Also don’t keep you box braids for too long. It is recommend to just wear them for approximately 2 month. You need to oil and moisturize your hair otherwise your own hair will get dry.





Thank you so much I_MAKE_BRAIDS_4_U for beeing patient with me and for making my braids.

If you also want braids and you are located near Frankfurt you can contact to get an appointment. If you aren’t already following her on instagram you can also check out her instagram I_MAKE_BRAIDS_4_U.

Have a nice day.




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  1. Du kannst echt alles tragen 😀
    Ich bisher nicht all so viele Menachen mit Braids gesehen, aber die sehen sehr gelungen aus.

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      1. Für diesen Satz hätte ich mich selbst Ohrfeigen können.
        Wollen wir es mal korrigieren.
        Hatte* Menschen*

        Gerne, es stimmt ja auch. Ich mein der neue Blogpost mit den gelockten Haaren ist auch super und wie erwartet stehen sie dir 🙂

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