I opened my braids.

Julia Coldfront Beauty 2 Comments

Hello everyone.

I opened my braids and I looked like a lion *rawr*.

It was time for me to open my braids. I had help while opening them and it took us only approx. 1 hour. On an average, you lose 50 to 200 hairs a day. So don’t be shocked if you see your gone out hair, it is a lot. After I opened my braids, my hair felt so fluffy and it wasn’t as greasy as I expected it to be.

My hair isn’t destroyed or dry after I got my braids out. I only think it is a bit thinner than before.

I would love to get braids again sometimes next year.

It was an itchy but nice experience.


Speak to you soon.


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  1. „Like a Lion“ süß.
    Ich würde mich freuen, wenn du in der Zukunft wieder Bilder mit Braids postest. Ich hatte deinen Blog einer Freundin vorgeschlagen, da sie selbst Braids machen/haben wollte :p

    1. Post

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