My tattoo aftercare

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Hello everybody,

today I want to give you some advice on tattoo aftercare. I want to share with you my experience.

Here are my tips after getting a tattoo:

  • wash your tattoo thoroughly
  • change your plastic foil constantly
  • after washing, let it dry before you put on the foil
  • use just a thin layer of cream on your fresh tattoo
  • don’t scratch EVER!
  • don’t go into the sun or the tanning salon
  • do not go swimming/bathing at least for 3 weeks
  • go on with creaming, even after two weeks and than after the third week you can use body lotion

My aftercare program contains the following steps:

Most of my tattoo appointments are at 12pm and I come back home approx. at 7pm. Before I go to bed I wash my tattoo thoroughly. Then I let it dry and put the foil on. Sometimes I even cool it down with something refrigerant like an ice pack.

On the first two days I still have the foil on my tattoo for the whole day but I change it approx. every 4 hours if it is possible and I am not working. Before I change the foil I wash the tattoo again and let it dry. On day three and four I only have the foil on my tattoo when I wear clothes which rub on the tattoo spot.

I start to use cream on the third or fourth day and only a very thin layer. After washing my tattoo I cream my tattoo every 4-5 hours and I continue doing this for 2 weeks.

I do not scratch when my tattoo heals. I know it is hard but it is rewarding in the end.

Even after the healing period, I am very careful and try to avoid sun or at least keep it to a minimum. I use body lotion after every shower or bath because it will moisturize your skin and also your tattoo.

I tried many different ways of healing but this is the best process for me. What works for me, doesn’t mean it works for everybody. I know there are many people out there who only wear their foil for a few hours after the appointment and if it works for you then it is fine, I guess.


Well that’s all I can say about that..


Have a nice weekend and speak to you soon.



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