Fraktura <3

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Hello everybody.

Today I have an amazing vest for you which I want to show you.

This vest is from Fraktura, they are located in Bulgaria. First of all, I have to say that the vest came in such a lovely package with lots of small hearts in red, yellow and black which was super cute. The vest comes in a beautiful grey tone and has a huge hood. I really love this kind of style because this is 100% me. The quality is truly great. Their shop is pretty sick and there are many items I would love to wear. Yesterday we took the outfit photos which I will post on Thursday. It was very difficult for me to take nice detailed photos of the vest when I am not wearing it because it is very long. Hope you can see the beauty of this Fraktura vest anyway.

If you want you can check out their asos marketplace shop –> here


Speak to you soon,



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