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Julia Coldfront Allgemein 2 Comments

Hello again.

I tested some cleaning products from Crep Protect a few weeks ago and I want to share my experience with you.

First I tried the crep wipes which are cleaning wipes and I have to say this product is very effective if you use it on the recommended materials.

They even cleaned discolorations and my shoes look now like a new pair which is super cool.

I would buy them definitely if my cleaning wipes run out because they are very useful.

In two of the below pictures you can see a before and an after usage picture. On top you can see the Nike Janoski cleaned and the other shoe is not cleaned . The result is really satisfying.

Next I tried the Crep Protect Spray. Please be super careful and only use it outdoor, an open window in a room is definitely not enough!!!

Also do not use it if you have many allergies or asthma. My experience with this protect spray was not very good because I had an allergy shock and I am still not fine after over two weeks… Anyhow this was an accident and I don’t think this happens regular. I did the water test a few days ago and as you can see in this video the result is amazing! There was no water inside the shoe and the shoe wasn’t even wet. Apart from my allergy shock this product is very good but I am too afraid now to use it again…

I didn’t try the cleaning kit yet but as soon as I need it I will tell you my opinion about it.

Talk to you soon,


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  1. Hi,
    that sounds like a great brand to consider for shoe products.
    I obviously hope that you will get well soon. Hopefully, you’ll get back to your healthy state. It would be a pity, if that spray harmed you permanently.
    Lots of love

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