Holiday – Lake Constance, Rhine Falls and so on.

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Hello everybody.

Two weeks ago I visited my family near lake constance. My dad, my boyfriend and I did some day trips while my mother was babysitting my cats 😀 I want to show you some little impressions. I hope you’ll enjoy this different blog post.

First day:

DSC09486 DSC09498DSC09590
DSC09527 DSC09537 DSC09545 DSC09591

Second day:DSC09595 DSC09597 DSC09600 DSC09609 DSC09626 DSC09638 DSC09643 DSC09652 DSC09663 DSC09669 DSC09689 DSC09673 DSC09693 DSC09704 DSC09709 DSC09733 DSC09741 DSC09736 DSC09743 DSC09766 DSC09780 DSC09790 DSC09803 DSC09792 DSC09817 DSC09822 DSC09830 DSC09843 DSC09852 DSC09849 DSC09904 DSC09912 DSC09916 DSC09922 DSC09934 DSC09941 DSC09936 DSC09947 DSC09943 DSC09952 DSC09957 DSC09964 DSC09969 DSC09967 DSC09976 DSC09972 DSC09983 DSC09989 DSC09987 DSC09993 DSC09997 DSC00004 DSC00016 DSC00010 DSC00006 DSC00062 DSC00032 DSC00030 DSC00038 DSC00039 DSC00043 DSC00022

Third day:
DSC00149 DSC00146 DSC00142 DSC00138 DSC00109 DSC00111 DSC00114 DSC00125 DSC00128 DSC00135 DSC00090 DSC00083 DSC00080 DSC00079 DSC00082

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