20 radom Facts About Me

Julia Coldfront Allgemein 0 Comments

1. The sun or bright daylight instantly makes me tired.

2. I’ve never been drunk – the last time I tried alcohol was when I was 15. Since then I’ve never touched alcohol again.

3. I love cats.

4. When I feel comfortable around you, you will probably think I am a complete weirdo.

5. I have a serious „on repeat“ problem when I discover a new song I like. I put it on repeat like a 500 times..

6. I hate to travel by plane.

7. I love listening to music on YouTube.

8. I’ve never wanted tattoos.

9. I don’t like long nails.

10. My favourite colour is black (I knooooow black is not a colour ……)

11. I’ve never had blonde hair.

12. I am always cold and no that’s not the reason why I call myself „Coldfront“

13. I never wear eyeshadow.

14. I am only 1.57cm.

15. I love the smell of the night.

16. I should wear my glasses every day…

17. I really like light skin.

18. Dr. Martens are my favourite Boots.

19. I could sleep the whole day.

20. I have 40 pairs of shoes.



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