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Hello everyone 🙂

A while ago I received some bath products from a lovely shop named Motte by Monte Klamotte.

The products look super yummy and cute. Have a look at those pictures.

I’ve tested six products and I am very satisfied. The smell of all the bath bombs is amazing and I am very happy with them. My skin felt very soft. Especially when I used the „Latte Macchiato“ bath bomb. Normally I am not a big coffee fan but I really enjoyed the bath.

I also got a little robot bath bomb hahaha. Super cute, isn’t it? 🙂

My first bath with the products from Motte by Monte Klamotte was a classic one. A wonderful bath with a rose & vanilla bath bomb.

All the items are handmade by heart and you can feel it on your skin. The shop also has some vegan products, read the description to see which product is vegan and which isn’t.

On Valentines Day I took a nice bath with a heart shaped bath bomb and my skin was unbelievably soft after the bath.


Check out her shop to see more cool shaped bath products.

Yesterday I’ve tested the last product and it was for sensible skin.

I can  honestly recommend you Motte by Monte Klamotte.

Thanks for all the amazing items.

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  1. Liebe Julia,

    hab Dank für die schönen Bilder.
    Und wenn Du mal wieder hautpflegend- und sprudelnd ein Bad nehmen
    möchtest… weißt Du ja, wo es die feinen Badepralinchen und Kugeln gibt 😉

    Herzliche Grüße,
    Hanka von Monte Klamotte

    1. Post

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